Boost Shelf Space with 
Modular Components
Get tighter, crisper product facings and use space more efficiently with Magna-Bar. The tubular steel bar and heavy-duty, removable pegs and hooks provide rigid support for packaged goods. The system's adjustable, universal mounting brackets easily fit into the slotted uprights found on all gondola fixtures. 

Vertical Extension Kits: 5-1/2", 6-11/16", 7-7/8"
80-0073-000 Vertical Extension Kits: 5-1/2", 6-11/16", 7-7/8"
Kits include parts to extend four Magna-Bars higher than the gondola 8-1/4", 9-7/16" or 10-5/8". Zinc plated with lacquer dip to prevent corrosion. 
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