We provide category solutions for retailers who sell groceries by incorporating Retail-Science™ insights from retailers, shoppers and brands. Our products enhance the shopping experience through improving organization at shelf, while reducing costs associated with labor and spoilage. 


Frozen Foods         Pre-Pack Meat          Produce          Dairy         Convenience


SpaceGrid I              SpaceGrid II                Grids              Magna-Bar  


15% Labor Savings

In-store labor costs related to restocking and shelf conditioning are significantly decreased with the installation of our systems. 

24/7 Front-Facing

Easy to view products enable customers to make quicker purchasing decisions. The billboard effect of front faced product creates the feel of a new store opening every day. 

3-5% Sales Lift

Shopper frustration is decreased with better organization. Increased shopability and ease of wayfinding lead to increased sales and larger basket sizes.  

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